Patient letters

Dr. Chen,
I wanted to thank you for helping me with my herniated disc problems. As you know I had a moderately herniated disc between L4-L5. I went through months of trying to get my problem fixed via "normal" practices such as: physical therapy, eletrical stimulation, and drugs. None of those attempts was able to cure the pain that I was experiencing going down through my hip and down my leg.

The acupuncture treatments you provided cured my problem in several weeks. I am very grateful of that. I no longer experience any of the pain sensations running down my leg, and can resume my normal active life without pain.

Please feel free to have any potential patients call me and I will be happy to talk with them.



PS - I went to your web site. It looks good, but under the section of "Is it for you?" you need to mention fixing pain associated with disc problems in neck and back.

Kevin T. Garnica
Account Manager, Nortel Networks
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December 20, 2002

Medicaid Health Insurance Claim for:

Stacy M. Heitkamp, 231 Sunset Avenue, St. Henry, Ohio 45883, Phone# 419-678-3841.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have just started going for Acupuncture Treatments (in Dr. Chen's Office) on December 3, 2002 because I had talked to someone who was receiving these treatments for the same condition that I am experiencing. I am also getting very positive results just as they have experienced.

After my first treatment:

My hand movement improved greatly. I can now open and close them a lot faster-almost normally, and they don't tighten up as tight.
I haven't had any headaches since that first treatment. I know these headaches were due to the tight muscles, and I was having them quite often before I started having the treatments.

I have had 6 treatments now and still more signs of improvement have developed.

My jaw is not so tight, which helped improved my speech and my chewing.
I feel more stable standing on my feet. I may be able to get rid of my leg braces
My knees no longer hurt and people notice that I walk better.

I started developing these symptoms (Myotonic Dystrophy) 13 years ago, and I am very encouraged by seeing these improvements. It has given me great hope again where I may have a chance to get into the work force and off of welfare funding. I want to be able to live on my own and these are the things that will make a difference.

If I would have received Acupuncture Treatments right away, my symptoms would not have gotten this bad, and I wouldn't have to go as often as I do right now for treatment. The expense wouldn't be that great. I travel over 204 miles round trip for these treatments two to three times a week, but it is all worth it. I am lucky that my parents and brother are willing to pay for the treatments and make sure I get there. They are working overtime and second jobs just to pay for my needs. If I had to pay for this myself, I couldn't even consider receiving Acupuncture Treatments because I couldn't afford it.

Also, I used to have a lot of respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia. I have resolved that by taking herbs and vitamins, and I haven't had any respiratory illness for the last 5 to 6 years. Taking these herbs is a lot cheaper then going to the doctor. The herbs and vitamins get to the root of the problem, and you don't keep getting bronchitis and pneumonia back. This also would be much cheaper for the insurance companies to pay for then those Doctor's visits, hospital visits, and meds. I would not have been able to finished College if I had all the respiratory problems I had in high school.

Please consider paying for these treatments. I am very much capable of handling a full time job, but my physical limitations are preventing me from being considered for employment. People are also scared to hire me because the insurance rates are already too high, and they think I would not help their insurance situation out. Not the case; the natural alternative way is much cheaper if you have those options right away. Medical doctors are good but they don't have all of the answers.


Stacy Heitkamp



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